Dirty Girls - Part II

Posted on Feb 09, 2011


Nothing says “I’m a playful dirty girl” like jumping into a girl girl photo shoot and going right to town on a pair of heavenly hooters. In part 2 of my 3 part series on the wild side of girl girl shoots, I will be focusing on the infatuation of the ever so popular ta-ta’s. Apparently, the tasty titillating treats are perfect for snacking on anytime day or night. Who knew?

I tend to believe that women are probably a little more sensitive and tender when it comes to licking and sucking on the fashionable fun-bags. As opposed to us guys who tend to treat them mostly as teething toys. So whether your guilty little pleasure is soft and gentle or rough & tough...dig in and dine on!

Aria Giovanni and Tara Patrick

That's Aria Giovanni's giant tittie stuffed into Tara Patrick's ever so eager mouth! Two of the hottest girls on the planet...sucking boobs... in our house... in front of our cameras! That's just awesome. Life is very good.

Carli Banks and Zoe Britton

Keeping Carli and Zoe apart was the biggest challenge on this shoot. They were so hot for each other, they kept going at it when the cameras stopped shooting! Zoe said Carli had the softest and most gentle mouth she ever felt on her breasts.

Celeste Star and Haylee Le

I dig this shot. The way Haylee Le's tongue with her giant medieval piercing gently caresses Celeste's nipple is pure sweet evil. It's all about the tease!

Charmane Star and Jenna Lyte

Interesting that Charmane likes to nibble and bite on other girls nipples...

Jenny and Charmane Star

...and yet, she likes her own nipples to be gently sucked!

Renee Perez and Jana Jordan

I don't think Jana needs any help here do you? She's obviously a natural. Now that's how you show off in front of the cameras!

Zoe Brotton and Avery Adams

Merlot by nature is a soft, drinkable wine with rich, plum-like flavors. I've often heard that a vintage Merlot goes great with a firm-bodied succulent breast. Well Avery?

Adriana Sage and Paulina

Adriana and Paulina brought to the set energy, excitement... and an assortment of culinary creativity? Adriana squeezed lemon juice on Paulina's nipple and then added a little salt. Add some tongue and you have a boobalicious daiquiri!

Sandra Shine and Cameron Cain

It just wouldn't be complete without my two favorite girl girl stars... cover girls Cameron and Sandra. They are two very dirty girls! Cameron's eyes in this shot seem to say, "Do you like when I do this?" When in all actuality, she has her hand between Sandra's legs and is just adding tormenting tease to the playful pleasure of the happy ending.

Well that wraps up Part II my friends. Part III will definitely be the dirtiest of the trilogy! I saved the best for last...

As always from the pit,


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